4 Ways To Update Your Home This Spring

4 Ways To Update Your Home This Spring

When spring arrives each year, you may get the urge to make some updates to your home. They may not be drastic updates, but just small changes that make your house feel more roomy and more inviting. At Franklin Lighting in Sarasota, we love helping customers make spring updates, whether that’s new lighting or new home decor. If you’re thinking about making some bigger changes this spring, shop online or visit our showroom today!

New Window Treatments

If you’ve been living with the blinds and curtains for several years, spring can be a great time to update your window treatments. With the days getting longer, you can change your window treatments so that they let in more natural light throughout the day. This can be especially beneficial in your living room or home office, where you may spend the most time during the week.

New Home Accents

As you are spring cleaning this year, you’ll likely move photos, decor, and other home accents in order to dust and rearrange. When you do this, take the time to evaluate your decor and think about what type of changes you could make to your living room, dining room, bedroom, and more. New accent pieces can make your home feel the way you want it to, and redecorating can require minimal time, energy, and investment, but still have a bigger impact.

New Paint Colors

Each room or area of your house likely has its own palette of colors. You may have chosen some of these colors in order to evoke a certain mood or ambiance, and there may be others that were the standard choice when you built or purchased your home. Spring can be a great time to add new colors to your home, bringing brighter hues or more earthy tones into your kitchen, bathrooms, family spaces, and more.

New Lighting

While all of the previous update options are great, lighting is what brings everything together. With more natural light, you can rethink what lamps and ceiling lights you have in your living room, and a new paint color in your home office can inform what lighting you need for optimal productivity. Also, if you’ve been thinking about updating your dining room chandelier or adding a ceiling fan to your guest room, spring is the time to do it.

As you make your spring updates this year, remember that Franklin Lighting is here to help. When you search for a lighting store near your Sarasota home, we’ll be ready to provide you with fantastic lighting and decor recommendations. Visit us today to get started!