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The lamp is one of the most underestimated, yet most versatile, light fixtures. At Franklin Lighting, we offer a generous selection of top-tier lamps from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a more decorative fixture for your living room or something simple to put by your bedside, you’re sure to find the perfect lamp in our showroom.

We pride ourselves not only on offering top-tier lighting products, but also on having a keen eye for great lighting design. When you work with our expert lighting consultants, you can be confident in their vast inventory knowledge and ability to find the perfect fixtures for your home or office.

Since 1968, the Franklin Family has been lighting up Sarasota homes and businesses. In that time, people have come to rely on us for our superior customer care, great selection, and generous pricing. You can shop our entire selection online, or visit our showroom to see our fixtures in person. Franklin Lighting makes upgrading the lighting in your home easy and budget-friendly.

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Types Of Lamp Fixtures Offered At Franklin Lighting

While lamps aren’t often used as an ambient, or general, lighting source — though on rare occasions they can be — they are a great choice for any task and accent lighting needs you have. Better yet, lamps don’t have to be purely functional. At Franklin Lighting, we carry some truly beautiful and ornate floor lamps that are sure to draw attention.

Earlier, we touched a bit on the versatility of lamp lighting, so now we’re going to share a bit about the different types of lamp lighting and how you can use them most effectively to bolster your lighting strategy.

Floor lamps are among the most popular of lamp options, and for good reason. The freestanding design of floor lamps makes for easy placement throughout whatever room you put them in, as long as they are in reach of an electrical outlet. They require no complex installation or rewiring, and they are already pre-mounted. It’s hard to get more versatile than this.

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The main difference between a floor lamp and a table lamp have to do with size. They are designed to fit nicely on a table, desk, dresser, or nightstand. They are great for task lighting. Whether you use them as a reading lamp, or to give a warm, peaceful glow in a room, table lamps make a great addition to any lighting strategy.

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Accent lamps are often 22 in. or less and can be used to set romantic / ambient light or to give decorative flair on top of your mantle or a table. If you’re using accent lamps in combination with floor lamps, make sure they are placed so that the top of the lamps are relatively even in height. That way when your eyes scan the light sources in the room, you don’t have the jerking up and down movement.

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Swing arm lamps have a unique design that consists of a stationary base with a flexible arm that allows you to extend or move the light as you see fit. Swing arm lamps come in floor and wall-mounted style fixtures.

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Pharmacy lamps were developed in the 1890s and were quickly adopted by pharmacies for their direct downward lighting — hence the name. These stylish lamps come in a wide variety of finishes as well as modern and traditional designs and give a great utilitarian vibe to any space.

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Thanks to their unique U-shaped bowl, torchieres are designed to send light upward and outward. If you’re looking for a soft glow that creates an inviting atmosphere, this style of lamp is perfect for you.

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How To Find The Right Lamp Shade

Perhaps you feel the need to breathe new life into your lamp but don’t feel the need to invest in a new fixture. Replacing your shade is a great way to do that.

While there aren’t exactly hard and fast rules to lighting, there are helpful guidelines you can follow. Here are some that’ll help you pick out the right shade.


When choosing a new lamp shade you’ll want to find one that’s around one-third the size of the entire fixture.


As far as width goes, you’ll want something that’s no larger than two times the width of the base.

Another important thing to do when choosing a lamp shade is to consider the style of the base. These should more or less match to ensure uniformity and a cohesive design.


What Sets Franklin Lighting Apart?

50+ Years Of Experience

Franklin Lighting has served Sarasota with top-tier lighting products and design solutions since 1968. During that time, we’ve garnered a reputation for excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction. In fact, we’ve consistently earned the “Best Lighting Store” Reader’s Choice Award from the Sarasota Tribune since 1994.

We Employ The Region’s Top Lighting Experts

To ensure you receive the best possible experience, we’ve filled our team with expert lighting consultants with years of design experience. Our consultants have an intimate familiarity with our inventory and can help you pick out the perfect fixtures for your home or office. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better service anywhere else.

Beautiful Light Fixtures At Competitive Prices

Aesthetics and illumination are the cornerstones of a stunning lighting strategy. At Franklin Lighting, we carefully curate our selection to ensure you’re getting the best lighting products from industry-leading manufacturers. We’ve also forged strategic partnerships, so you are getting the best prices we can offer.

Absolute Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

Whether it’s top-notch design help or great deals on lighting products, the team at Franklin Lighting believes that shopping for new lighting should be a fun and exciting experience. To that end, we do all within our power to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchase and their illumination needs are met.

Find The Perfect Lamp At Franklin Lighting In Sarasota

Ready to take your lighting to the next level? Visit our lighting showroom today.

As Sarasota’s lighting supplier of choice, our team of consultants are standing by to help you make the most of your lighting budget. For more information, call us at (941) 585-0043 or fill out our online contact form.

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