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Cascading light down from above, ceiling lights are an integral part of every home’s design.

Whether you are hoping to improve the brilliance of your home’s style with an upgrade in lighting choices or you are hoping to wire in new ceiling lights in a room that was once dimly lit by floor lamps, we can assist you in choosing the ideal lights for you needs.

Here at Franklin Lighting, our showroom is host to hundreds upon hundreds of lighting options. When it comes to ceiling lights, you will be dazzled by our extensive display of options. From traditional chandeliers to trendy pendant lights, we carry the options you need to perfectly match your unique design taste. Come visit our ceiling lights showroom in Sarasota and find out why we are not only the best in lighting options, but why our customer service is also second to none. Want to start scheming and dreaming before you set foot in our store?

Browse our online catalog for lighting inspiration.

Steps For Choosing A Ceiling Light

Quick Tips When Picking A New Lighting Feature

Are you on the hunt for the perfect ceiling light? We can help. Check out these easy tips that will make picking the ideal ceiling lights for your home a breeze. Remember, our staff at our Sarasota lighting showroom will be happy to assist you with the process of choosing new lights.


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How To Choose The Right Ceiling Lights

Picking out new lights for your home should be a fun experience. After all, the lights in your home help to display in full brilliance your own unique style. Whether you are moving into an older home and you want to give it a facelift with new and improved ceiling lights or you are starting fresh with a new build, we can help you choose the ideal ceiling lights for the space with which you are working. 

As you go about choosing ceiling lights, take the following ideas into consideration. Don’t forget, when you visit our ceiling light showroom in Sarasota, our expert staff will be on hand to assist you. We ensure that every single person in our showroom is highly trained and experienced in picking out the right lighting for any home.

Decide How Many Rooms Need Upgrades

The first thing to do is determine how many rooms in your home need a lighting upgrade. If you are taking the time to shop for ceiling lights for one room, you might as well consider other spaces while you are at it. Not only does this save you time down the road, but it can also help keep your design cohesive in the home.

Walk through your house and inspect current ceiling lights. Do you have any unsightly and outdated fixtures that are detracting from an otherwise beautiful space? Are there rooms that simply don’t have ceiling lights? That can be fixed! Adding ceiling lights can create a much fuller lighting experience for any room. With the array of ceiling light options on the market, there is something to fit any space. From ornate chandeliers to simple flush mounts, we can help you add the perfect touch to every room.

Take Into Consideration Space

Next, you will want to take note of the space you are working with in each room. For example, you might fall in love with a beautiful lantern, but it might overwhelm the small space of your dining area. Nothing is worse than overdoing it or, the flip side, underdoing it. A small ceiling fixture can get lost in a large space.

Take down measurements of the area. Don’t forget to consider clearance as well. You don’t want to hang a chandelier in a room only to find that your family keeps running their heads into it. Having a good understanding of the dimensions of the space will help your lighting specialist recommend the best ceiling light fixtures. 

Think About The Practicality Of The Lights

It can be fun to dream and scheme about what new lights you plan to install in your home, but don’t forget to spend some time thinking about the practicality the lights will serve. Does your kitchen sink rest in a dark corner leaving you guessing at whether or not that plate is really clean? Track lighting over this area can help serve a true purpose. When people enter your home, is it dark and dungeon-like? An entryway chandelier can bring the space back to life. 

Create a list of the practical uses new ceiling lights will serve that way as you shop, you can stick to the basics.

Get Creative With Design Ideas

Finally, have fun with it! Choosing new lights should be a reflection of your style and design. Get creative and don’t hesitate to experiment with something new. Maybe you never thought you’d be interested in a chandelier because you always pictured an ornate and traditional fixture. However, when you arrive at our lighting showroom in Sarasota, you realize that there are new modern takes on this old ceiling light. 

Take time browsing our store and enjoy the brilliant reflection of your style that new lighting fixtures can bring.

 Ceiling Light Styles Offered 

Chandeliers make an excellent statement piece. We offer a vast selection of sizes and styles. From modern and sleek to traditional and ornate, we will help you pick the ideal fixture for your unique space.

Similar to chandeliers, pendants are an elegant way to add beauty and style to any room. From stunning crystal pendants to mini pendants ideal for small spaces, our showroom is equipped with a stunning selection of pendant lighting.

One of the most traditional styles of ceiling lights on the market, flush and semi-flush mounts can be easily attached to any ceiling. They take up little space while adding a wonderful touch of style to any room.

Whether you are mounting this style of ceiling light above your pool table or you are hanging it over a gorgeous new kitchen island, we carry a vast selection of hanging lights that can fit an array of design tastes and room space.

We often associate lanterns with outdoor lighting fixtures. However, there are an array of gorgeous interior lantern styles on the market. Check out our vast array of lanterns and foyer lighting options.

One of the best styles of lighting for kitchens, bathrooms, and other practical spaces is track lighting. Utilize this as both a style accent and a practical solution for specific tasks.

Want to add an extra luxurious touch to your ceiling lights? Consider implementing a ceiling medallion. We offer beautiful styles in an array of color options.

Sometimes you just need a light to get the job done. However, utility lighting doesn’t need to be dull or boring. Shop our vast selection of practical but sleek utility ceiling lights.

The Benefits Of Choosing New Ceiling Lights

Investing in new ceiling lights can offer you a wide array of benefits. Check out a few of the top reasons people visit our ceiling light showroom in Sarasota to pick out new fixtures for their home.


Affordable Style Upgrade:

Have you been wanting to remodel part of your home? Has the cost of tearing out all your bathroom fixtures left you disappointed? Updating your ceiling lights is a cost-effective way to upgrade your home’s style. It is amazing how changing out lights in your bathroom, kitchen, and various rooms can drastically improve the appearance of your home. Give your home a quick and affordable facelift with new ceiling lights.

Better Visibility:

Do you have rooms in your home where the lighting isn’t ideal? Don’t squint in the dark or try to cook with dim lighting any longer. Adding the right ceiling lights can illuminate your home in whole new ways.

Increased Resale Value: 

Whether you are thinking of selling soon or maybe one day down the road, outdated lighting fixtures can be a huge turn off. By upgrading ceiling fixtures, you can increase the value of your home and create a more appealing option for potential buyers.

Reflection Of Design:

When people come visit your home, you want them to see a brilliant display of your unique design and style. Investing in new ceiling lights can help show off your excellent taste.

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