Finding The Perfect Pendant Lighting

At Franklin Lighting, we place a premium on design. The first step in creating a beautiful, well-lit room is choosing the right fixtures for a particular space. This is especially important because even the most beautiful fixtures don’t belong in every space simply because they look pretty.
One of the most important things to consider when it comes to choosing pendant lighting is the size of the light fixture itself. Getting a pendant that’s too small creates a disproportionate feeling in the room and will fail to meet your lighting needs.
When it comes to pendant lighting, bigger is often better if you’re trying to make a visual statement. Smaller pendants tend to get lost among the other features within your room. As long as your pendant is 10 inches in diameter smaller than the width of the counter underneath it, you should be safe.
Here are some additional helpful tips when it comes to pendant measurements:

  • If you’re hanging your pendant over a surface (i.e. dining table or kitchen island), you’ll want 30 inches of clearance above the surface.
    • However, you’ll want less if you’re using the pendant for task lighting (i.e. lighting up a work desk).
  • If you’re going to hang the pendant in an open space, simply add the dimensions of your room together to get the ideal diameter (i.e. for a 15 x 25 foot room you would pick a pendant that’s 40 inches in diameter)
  • For ceilings that are more than eight feet high, simply increase the height of your pendant by three inches per foot.