Choosing the correct size light fixture for your area is critical to the success of your project. Use these handy size calculators to help you select the correct chandelier or other light fixture for your application. For any additional questions, contact our team of lighting experts today.


Choose a chandelier with an overall width that is at least half of the smallest diameter of your table and no larger than the smallest diameter of your table. Heavy or bulky chandeliers can be on the small side. Light and airy chandeliers should be on the larger size. Over-sizing adds a sense of grandeur to the area.

Rectangular or oval-shaped chandeliers should not be longer than 2/3 the size of the table at its longest point.


A chandelier hung in the center of a room must be sized in proportion to the room itself. Measure the diagonal of the room (corner to opposite corner). The chandelier width should be in inches what the diagonal measurement is in feet.

For example, if the room measures 24 feet on the diagonal, the chandelier you choose should measure approximately 24″ in width. Again, heavy or bulky chandeliers can be on the smaller side. Light and airy chandeliers should be on the larger side.

Height Recommendations

Hang a chandelier 30” to 36” from the top of the table to the bottom of the chandelier. For ceilings more than 8 feet high, raise the chandelier 3” for each additional foot of ceiling height.

In a foyer, hang chandeliers or pendants with the bottom at least 6” higher than the door height. If the door has a window over it, center the light in the window. Hang wall sconces (never above a mirror) about 60” above the floor to put them at about eye level.

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