An Introduction To Chandeliers

When it comes to light fixtures, few, if any, are more iconic and can match the sheer elegance of a chandelier. Before we dive into the types, sizing, and placement of chandeliers, let’s take some time to talk about what a chandelier is. 

Simply put, chandeliers are light fixtures that hang from the ceiling, often through the use of a downrod. In that sense, they share many similarities to pendant. Chandeliers differ from pendants in the fact that they have multiple lighting sources that are connected via a branched frame. Pendants on the other hand, usually have just one light source. 

When thinking of chandeliers, what most often comes to mind is a traditional fixture with beads and crystals that hang from nearly every part of the fixture. However, modern trends in chandelier design often turn that image on its head, while still delivering the awe-inspiring results we’ve come to expect from chandeliers.

While chandeliers are most commonly seen in a dining room, the truth is they can be effectively used in nearly any room in your home or office, depending upon the size of the room and the fixture itself.