Kitchen Pendants & Chandeliers

 When it comes to the wow factor in your kitchen lighting strategy, some of the most powerful fixtures you can use are chandeliers and pendant lights. Whether you choose something ornate and traditional or something sleek and modern, these decorative fixtures will show your personality and style more than any other light in the room.

At Franklin Lighting, we carry a generous selection of chandeliers and pendant lighting to ensure you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your unique illumination and design needs. (Black Ten Light Chandelier) (Six Light Orb Chandelier) (Drum Shade Pendant) (Tarnished Graphite Mini Pendant)

Kitchen Island Lighting

Island tables are simply a must-have in any modern kitchen. These convenient spaces are great for food preparation, laying out a buffet, or even having your kids do their homework. Finding the right kitchen island light fixtures will make accomplishing tasks that much easier.

Generally speaking, you’ll want about 35-50 lumens of light per square foot of the island underneath it (i.e. a 10 square foot island would need around 350 to 500 lumens of light). (Three Island Light) (Weathered Zinc Island Light) (Satin Nickel Island Pendant) (Ten Light Island Chandelier)

Kitchen Recessed Ceiling Lighting

Recessed lighting plays a vital role in providing both task and general lighting, especially where your hanging ceiling lights leave a gap. These lights are typically installed around five to six feet apart. However, you can create a more concentrated cluster over areas where specific kitchen tasks need to be performed.

Ceiling lights also come in directional models which allow you to adjust the beam to better illuminate areas where you work or if you simply have something you want to display. (Antique Bronze Recessed) (4” Eyeball Recessed) (6” Baffle Recessed) (Stainless Steel Recessed)

Kitchen Sconces 

We love using wall sconces in kitchens to fill in any gaps left by your ceiling lights. Sconces are great because they allow you to really show forth your aesthetic sense with a fixture that’s minimally intrusive yet stylish.

Line your main lighting sources, your sconces can also be connected to a dimmer in order to enhance the mood and create the perfect lighting atmosphere. (Wood Grain Three Light) (Midnight Bronze Two Light) (One Light Vanity) (Satin Nickel One Light)

Kitchen Cabinet & Undercabinet Lighting

When it comes to task lighting in the kitchen, one of the most helpful modern innovations is installing undercabinet lighting. These lights help to brighten spaces that have been darkened by your cabinets as they block the ambient lighting sources coming from your ceiling. You can also places lighting inside your cabinet to highlight beautiful glassware.

This type of lighting comes in strips, pucks, or even rope. Be sure to check whether or not these installing new fixtures will require the help of an electrician or not. (Nickel LED Puck) (LED Undercabinet Strip) (Plug In LED) (Integrated LED Puck)