Halloween has so many great aspects that make it a beloved holiday each and every year. You get everything from seasonal treats like candy corn to cute kids in costumes. On top of that, you can use this time to get creative with the decorations in your front yard, including your outdoor lighting.

In today’s blog post, we’ll go over five spooky ways you can incorporate outdoor lighting in your yard for your Halloween decorations. If you’re looking for outdoor lighting in Sarasota that will last you more than just the holiday season ahead, we’re sure we have something at Franklin Lighting that will match your home’s style and budget in our lighting showroom. Visit our showroom today.

Continue reading below to learn more about our Halloween lighting decoration tips.

1. Create Shadows.

What is it about Halloween that makes it such a spooky holiday? The fear of the unknown. You can create this effect by utilizing your outdoor lighting to create shadows around your front yard.

Place your lights low to the ground and point them in a slightly upward direction. This will make anything that passes in front of the light to appear elongated and deformed.

If you’re looking to get more a more specific shadow design, such as a spider or skeleton, you’ll have to purchase lenses with the design of your choice, or create your own customized cutout and place it in front of the light.

2. Add Color.

A simple way to upgrade your outdoor lighting Halloween decorations is by simply replacing your light bulbs with colored bulbs. You can opt for black lights for a classic spooky look, or you can choose orange for a more fun, holiday-themed look — especially if you have kiddos.

If you want to add a mystical effect to your front yard, we suggest replacing your bulbs with blue light bulbs. This will add an eerie element to your home that will mimic the lighting of the moon in a graveyard or a shadowy dungeon.

3. Incorporate Strobe Lights.

Strobe lights are a Halloween favorite for a reason — they create a sense of confusion by making moving objects appear that they are moving slower than they actually are.

However, we recommend not going wild with this type of lighting, as they can cause headaches and can make some of your guests feel nauseated or disoriented.

4. Add Flames.

Whether it’s the candle inside of your front porch’s Jack-O-Lanterns or a projector flickering a fiery design on your garage, there’s just something about flames that can create a spooky effect.  

One pro-tip we can offer you is to add tiki torches along your driveway or pathway to your home. If you opt to use real fire for your Halloween decorations, make sure you’re not creating a fire hazard, and that your tiki torches are placed in areas where they won’t catch something on fire (like a bush or tree branch).

If you want to avoid any fire hazards and still get a similar effect, we suggest replacing your outdoor lighting with flickering orange lights.

5. Utilize Fog.

The spookiest effect of all, fog creates a sense of mystery and the unknown, which is why it can tie all of your Halloween decorations. Though this isn’t necessarily a lighting-related effect, you can utilize a fog machine to make your outdoor lighting appear spookier than it actually is.

For example, you can get red-colored light bulbs and pair it with a fog machine for a blood-inspired look that will scare all of your trick-or-treaters. You can also pair a fog machine with green outdoor lighting for a more “radioactive” effect.

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