When it comes to choosing lighting fixtures for your bathroom, you might think this decision doesn’t require a lot of time or thought. In fact, selecting the right type of lighting for your bathroom is more important than you initially give it credit for. Think about how often you use your bathroom and the tasks you accomplish in that room alone. You use it to clean yourself, to apply makeup, for shaving purposes and more. Having the right lighting in your bathroom makes all of these tasks easier and more efficient.

At Franklin Lighting in Sarasota, Florida, we know how important it is to you to find the perfect lighting for the rooms in your home. Our lighting experts know the ins and outs of the lighting industry, and we can utilize our knowledge and expertise to help you decide on your ideal bathroom lighting fixtures for your home. Contact us today to receive professional assistance for your next home improvement lighting project.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled some tips and advice from professional lighting experts to help you find the perfect lighting solutions for your home’s bathrooms. Browse our online catalog for some inspiration, or visit our Sarasota lighting showroom.

Put safety first.

Bathrooms are rooms in your home that will inevitably get wet or damp at some point. Due to that factor, you need to be aware of IP ratings when you decide on a bathroom lighting. IP ratings essentially determine if a lighting fixture can safely get wet or experience some sort of dampness from everyday bathroom usage. Choose a lighting fixture that has a safe bathroom IP rating.

Also, ensure your lighting fixtures are safely far enough from any water sources in your bathroom. As you probably know, electricity and water can be a deadly combination, so look up the proper distance for bathroom lighting above your sink and in your shower before making any final decisions.

Maximize any natural lighting.

Natural lighting is the best way to see yourself the way everyone else sees you in everyday life, so try to get as much natural lighting into your bathroom as you can through window treatments.

As a general rule of thumb, try having these windows face north, as that lighting solution will create a gentler, diffused light than windows facing other directions. But we understand you don’t always have control over the natural lighting from windows  in your home’s bathrooms, so read on for additional help on lighting fixture placement.

Place your lighting fixtures with strategy.

After you determine the natural lighting in your bathroom, wait until the sun goes down to find lighting fixture placement. You want to ensure your bathroom lighting is at its highest quality when you have no assistance from natural lighting, and this is when you can figure out where the darkest spots in your bathroom are.

Some of the best areas to place lighting in your bathroom are above or next to your vanity mirror; on the ceiling above your mirror, bathtub or shower, or in the middle of the room; and near any architectural features or decor in the bathroom. These layers of lighting provide task, ambient and accent lighting, which professionals suggest utilizing in any of the rooms in your home.

Pro tips:

  • Place recessed lights above your mirror and vertical wall sconces directly next to your mirror for the best lighting around your vanity area.
  • For a unique lighting design, hang pendant lights or a chandelier above your bathroom sink area.
  • Don’t forget to add a ceiling lighting fixture above your shower or bathtub, which will make shaving and other daily cleansing tasks a lot easier, faster and safer.

Select the right light bulbs and finishes.

The light bulbs in your bathroom should be bright and produce a whiter light, so avoid any yellow-casting or fluorescent lights, if possible. You want your light bulbs to be about 150 watts or the equivalent for optimal bathroom illumination.

Pro tip: When it comes to high-quality, warm lighting for your bathroom, we suggest opting for 2700K LED light bulbs.

As far as finishes go for your lighting fixtures, make sure they all match one another and the overall style of your bathroom. You don’t want a bathroom to feel random or thrown together, so take the time to turn a room that is used daily into a room that impresses you and your guests.

Choose Franklin Lighting For Help With Bathroom Lighting

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