Cleaning the ceiling lights in our homes is an important task we oftentimes forget about — or actively ignore. But maintaining and cleaning our home’s ceiling lights is necessary for the overall care of our home. Our ceiling lights collect dust particles and dirt like everything else in our homes that we take the time to clean, and cleaning them shouldn’t be a task you’re intimidated by. Though it can be a time-consuming process, we suggest taking the time to clean these lights to optimize not only the cleanliness of your home, but also the overall lighting ambiance.

Our team of lighting consultants at Franklin Lighting in Sarasota, Florida can help you find the perfect ceiling lighting for your home that you won’t mind having to clean every once in a while. We offer a wide variety of light fixtures in different sizes, finishes and styles. If you’re looking to improve the lighting in your home, look no further and schedule an appointment with one of our lighting consultants today.

In this blog post, we’ll go over a few homeowner-friendly steps for cleaning your home’s ceiling lights to revitalize their natural glow.

Always put your safety first and foremost.

Unless you have extremely low ceilings, chances are you’ll have to climb high to reach the lighting on your ceiling, increasing your risk of falling and injuring yourself. Also, you run a risk of getting electrocuted anytime you deal with lights and electricity, which is why you need to be extra careful and aware.

Please, first and foremost, take the necessary precautions to safely clean your ceiling lights. This might mean asking a friend or family member for help if you’re using a ladder, step stool or scissor lift to reach your ceiling lights. They can hold your ladder to keep it from shaking, if necessary, and they can also hand you cleaning supplies to reduce the number of times you have to ascend and descend the ladder.

Putting your safety first is the most important step out of all the steps we’ll list below.

Turn off any electricity sources.

This ties in with the step above about safety — turn off all power and electricity sources before you get cleaning on your ceiling lights. If you leave your lights or power sources on while cleaning, you can run the chance of electrocution. Lights also heat up when they’re on, so you could accidentally burn yourself as well.

At the very least, turn your light switches to their off mode when you clean your ceiling lights. To be extra careful, we suggest completely turning off the power to the room you’re cleaning from your breaker.

Gather any of the supplies you’ll need to clean before you get started.

Cleaning your ceiling lights is a time-consuming activity enough as it is, which is why this step will help you speed up the process. We suggest purchasing and gathering all of the cleaning supplies you’ll need to clean the lighting on your ceiling before you get started. This will eliminate the chances of you forgetting something and will keep you from running around your house trying to find cleaning items.

To help out, here is a list of cleaning supplies that should help you get the job done:

  • Water in a spray bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Dusting sheets/lint removing cloths
  • Air in a can

While you’re at it, gather these tools that might come in handy when you’re taking apart or putting together any light fixtures that require it:

  • A screwdriver (a flat head or Phillips, depending on how your light fixture is screwed in)
  • Any replacement bulbs of the right wattage (if your lights are dimmer than usually or have reached the end of their life spans)

Remove any shades or light fixture accessories.

If the ceiling light fixtures you’re cleaning calls for it, remove any additional shades or accessories from the lights before cleaning. This will allow you to bring the shades to floor level to clean, instead of trying to do so on a ladder. It will also make the actual ceiling lighting easier to clean, as the shades and accessories won’t get in your way and you can put your focus solely on cleaning your lights.

Clean and replace any light bulbs as necessary.

Now it’s time to get cleaning! Putting safety first and utilizing the cleaning supplies we recommended above, clean your ceiling lights as necessary. Start with the frames of the lights first, then clean the actual light bulbs themselves.

If you’re cleaning glass, porcelain, metal, acrylic or plastic frames, multi-purpose cleaner or water and a towel should do the trick. For wood and crystal frames, your air in a can and dusting cloths will really come in handy.

Pro tip: While you’re already up high and cleaning, replace any lights as necessary. As they say, you can knock out two birds with one stone.

Put everything back together!

Now that you got the hard part of cleaning out of the way, you can put everything back together just as you found it. Some ceiling light fixtures are more complex than others, so if you think you’ll have a hard time figuring out how to put back together your light fixture, we recommend writing down the steps you took taking it apart.

You can also take photos on your phone throughout the process, which will make it visually simpler to put your ceiling lighting fixture back together after you’re finished cleaning.

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